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Advanced Challenge Course Design & Installation

Our Advanced Designs are versatile challenge course and rock climbing wall systems that are completely versatile and expandable. They can incorporate any variety of low course, high course, climbing or bouldering wall elements imaginable and can even be configured as to allow facility staff to change the elements that are incorporated into the system so that the elements in the system can be varied from week to week month to month or year to year.

Benefits of the Advanced Challenge Course Systems

If the system is run year round or three season these savings are compounded to a much greater degree.


The Octagon

The Octagon is a simplified version of The Pod in that it has eight elements emanating from an octagonal shaped deck. The underside of the deck can be bouldering or climbing wall, ropes elements or low challenges.  The system is very versatile in that it is easily expandable to move with a growing and dynamic program. Please call for details.



The Pod

The Pod is unique in that it is an all-encompassing challenge course system unlike any other. The Pod incorporates a huge deck, which acts as the focal point for numerous adventure activities. A Yurt tent is situated in the middle of the deck, which can be used as an all weather team building or group staging area. Below the deck can be an assortment of low ropes challenges, high ropes challenges, bouldering and climbing walls or team challenges.  Emanating from the deck are challenge course elements moving in all directions.  This configuration provides for a practically endless array of possibilities to provide your organization with the consummate challenge experience.
Option: the Yurt tent can be configured for wireless Internet so as to provide a virtual challenge orienteering experience. Participants in the tent communicate with others in the field and provide instruction on how to navigate an orienteering course utilizing e-mail or instant message. Please call for more details.


Following is a quote from one of our clients. We began the installation of the Octagon at his camp in 2007. The project is in a three year phase.

“I have been an ACA site visitor for twenty years which has led me to be on site at innumerable camps. The challenge course that The Summit and Al Reisser built for us blows everything else I have seen away. Visitors come to our camp and ask what the structure is. I tell them it is our challenge course. They tell me that they have never seen a challenge course like it. I tell them, yes that is exactly the point!”
Matt Stoltz, Owner, Island Lake Camp