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Zipline Canopy Tour,Treetop Adventure Course & Aerial Adventure Park

Business Development

The Summit Zipline Canopy Tours

We will assist you in the development of your commercial Zipline Canopy Tour, Treetop Adventure Course or Aerial Adventure Park.

This a great option for a number of organizations including, but not limited to Ski Resorts, Childrens Camps, Farms, Zoos, Conference Centers, Scout Organizations and more.

We will assist you every step of the way from:

We have a team of professionals that can assist with every aspect of you new business development including:

Some of the above mentioned items are options to choose from and not necessarily static elements of our process.

Very simply we can assist you through every aspect of the development of your new business in this growing and flourishing industry.

With 27 years of experience, proven track record (check out our testimonials page), and a solid team of professionals in your court you can be well assured that you are receiving a state of the art project and business that is sustainable, sound and profitable for many years to come.

Ready to Start?

Following is the process cycle:


During this phase we simply chat with you from answering simple questions to doing a thorough assessment of your vision including vision for your business, site, budget, designs, installtion, demographics of potential users, business plan, marketing, etc. This process can be anywhere from a few minutes to answer some simple questions to a few hours or even more depending on your situation. We will do some preliminary satellite mapping of your proposed site and present that to you. Total cost: your time.

Give us a call.


During the design phase we generally complete a thorough site visit where we look at your facility through your eyes and ours together. This is where we start to really flush out the design principles involved in your project, proposed options for installation, discuss logistics around installation, operations, management, training, site logistics and more. We continue our discussions around business planning, budget, permitting, and all other issues pertinent to the success of your project now and into the future.
During this visit we will do more thorough satellite and onsite mapping including identifying of trees, pole installation (if necessary) and more. This mapping will be presented to you. Based on the results of the site visit we will then get back to you with projections on proposed installations, budgets, logistics and more. At this point you can make a very informed decision about how you would like to proceed. Cost: There is a site visit fee that will based on complexity and scope of project.


During this phase we come out to your site and install the course components utilizing our highly professional installation team. Our team has an average of 12 years of experience in the industry with as much as 27 years of experience in installing state of the art adventure designs. All of our designs meet and often exceed current industry standards including ACCT, PRCA, ANSI, local building codes and more.

Turn Key

During this phase we begin to turn the project over to you including development and presentation of operations and training manuals, professional training of your staff, continued discussions about logistics, marketing, web design, social media, demographics, operations and more. If you like we can even stay on after your grand opening to assist you in the process of getting your new business started.


Once we leave your site we are still with you every step of the way. We will provide ongoing consultation on operations, training, logistics, marketing, reservations and more. We will provide ongoing inspections, maaintenance and staff training as needed in accordance with your design and site. All follow up phone calls are on us no matter howlong they take to get your questions answered.

Arrangements- We have multiple arrangements that range anywhere from straight fee for service arrangements where you own the course and business outright to collaboration and partnership arrangements where you provide the land and we take care of everything else in a revenue share. There are a number of different scenarios to choose from. Give us a ring to explore options.

Call today with any questions or to start the Exploration phase. 215-249-9445