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Low Ropes Challenge Course Design & Installation

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Low Elements
Our low course deigns offer the best there is in terms of team building initiatives. Using a series of elements from ground level to 12 feet high we can focus on communication, teamwork, leadership, trust and personal and group responsibility. Here as well we offer elements that range from classic to state of the art design that are moving challenge courses into the future.

Please call or send us an email for our digtital brochure which outlines our course design elements with descriptions, a discussion of tree vs.pole courses and more!!!

Low Ropes CourseElement List

Rock Climbing“Bouldering” Wall- Beginning to Advanced
Burma Bridge- Beginning
Two Line Bridge- Intermediate
Heebie-Jeebie- Advanced
Multi-vine- Intermediate
Trust Platform- Advanced
Muse- Intermediate
Port Hole- Intermediate
All Aboard - Intermediate
Trollies - Beginning
Spiders Web- Advanced
Four Way Tug-
Teeter-Totter- Intermediate to Advanced
The Whale Watch- Intermediate to Advanced
3-D Whale Watch-Advanced Group
TP Shuffle- Intermediate group
Giants Finger- Intermediate
Squeeze Box- Intermediate to Advanced Group
Log Traverse- Intermediate
Fidget Ladder- Advanced
“THE WALL”- Advanced
Wild Woozy- Intermediate Partners
Tension Traverse - Beginning
Mohawk Walk- Advanced Group
Nitro Crossing - Intermediate
Spider Web - Intermediate
3-D Spider Web
Swinging Log - Intermediate
Boson’s Chairs - Intermediate
Tire Traverse- Intermediate
Shipwreck- Intermediate to Advanced
Mohawk, Woozy, Tension Traverse Kit

Portable low elements that can be easily transported from indoors to out or site to site. Please call for details.

Ultimate Adventure Box Portable Teams Kits-- Every Size Group Imaginable This is a box that is overflowing with props for up to 600 games initiatives, problem solving activities, communication and trust games, icebreakers, teambuilding games and more. It contains props for a lot of the classic as well as more progressive games. Comes in three sizeds to accomodate any program and budget. lease call for details and our catalog.

Kids Elements
These are variations of our big people elements but sized down to accomodate children of early elementary school age usually about 5-9 years of age. Please call for details.

We offer a vast array of ropes course and challenge course elements from our challenge course systems such as our
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Our customer service and quality craftsmanship are unsurpassed:

"I researched several other companies and found "The Summit" to be superior in knowledge, ability, committment and customer service."
Al DeVicaris, Director, Adventureland Day Camp

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